monobank issues customer credit cards and provides depositing options and other services. The best mobile app will make controlling finances as convenient as possible. monobank work only on mobile devices. As of September 2023, there are more than 7.5 million customers in Ukraine.

PureTrack AML KYC

AML is the fight against money laundering, the fight against the financing of terrorism, the financing of the creation of weapons of mass destruction, and the control of suspicious financial activities.

Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus is the inaugural digital currency platform providing an all-encompassing line of cryptocurrency purchasing, selling, and exchanging services, in addition to digital asset management tools.


UAPAY is an acquiring platform for accepting payments. It is a national payment service provider of financial and technical solutions for any type of online business. We provide a universal payment API and ready-to-use modules for CMS-systems, which allows you to connect a payment system on the site quickly and easily.

White Label Neobank 

White Label Neobank by Kindgeek offers a comprehensive suite of financial services that can be fully customized and branded to meet your needs. With our platform, you can easily provide mobile banking, digital wallets, and online payments to your customers, all while ensuring a seamless and secure experience.


The bank has received recognition and awards for its stability and reliability:● No. 1 Resilient Bank by the FinAwards 2023.● No. 1 in the Ukrainian banks' resilient rating by the Ukrainian media NV and investment company Dragon Capital.


4bill is a payment system for websites, mobile applications, and online services. It provides all the payment tools necessary to increase your conversion.


8allocate is a software development company. Our primary goal is to provide businesses with the top-class engineering teams they need to bring their digital ideas to life. Our services are designed to cater to companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational organizations.


Aestar is a leading IT company specializing in augmented and virtual reality development for business: insurance, government services, marketing, e-commerce and training. Our multi-disciplinary expertise includes 3D modeling, web development, video production, and artificial intelligence training.


CS provides software solutions for comprehensive automation of business processes for banks and financial companies, offers analytical and advisory services, supplies infrastructure solutions from industry leaders, and provides Oracle software with extensive technical support.


Finmap is a cash flow management tool that helps small and mid-sized businesses, like agencies, service companies, developers, and project-based companies, get real-time visibility on what's going on in their business regarding money, so they can avoid cash gaps and make the right decisions.


Fuelfinance is a financial planning and analysis software that automates data collection and provides best-practice reports and dashboards tailored to a company’s challenges. It allows management teams to make decisions based on reliable data. drives Ukrainian e-commerce with innovative payment tech. Boosts card-based online sales via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Masterpass. Enables transactions through websites, chatbots, and IVR, enhancing partner sales and payment efficiency.


KUNA is a crypto banking platform that provides B2B businesses with digital banking solutions based on Web3 and blockchain technology.


Moneyveo is a foremost entity in Ukraine's fintech sector, leading with its groundbreaking online loan services. It has transformed Ukraine's fintech scene and introduced an innovative multi-product strategy, setting new industry standards.


Portmone, easy, and safe since 2002, has made online payments for Ukrainians fast, easy, and safe. The company created a universal service that helps you buy goods and pay for services, pay bills and transfer funds, top up your mobile phone, and do any financial transactions online in minutes.


ProFIX is a company supplying IT solutions and services within the financial sector. Servicing 250+ banks and financial companies in 40+ countries, ProFIX operates in the following business areas: delivery of Swift solutions, MoneyGram connection and services, and FinTech services.


RENOME SMART has acted as an expert for 30 years in self-servicing, developing and implementing solutions for payment receipt, handling cash flows, and rendering services in automatic mode.

Saldo App

Saldo Apps is the fintech ecosystem for the self-employed, micro-businesses, and financial-savvy individuals worldwide. One product includes four available apps: Invoice Maker, Mileage Tracker, Receipt Scanner, and Saldo Finance.


Solidgate is a payment processing platform enabling frictionless monetisation of online businesses worldwide. The ecosystem of fintech products ensures customers get a seamless purchasing experience; while merchants get paid smoothly and swiftly, meeting the highest security and compliance standards.


Tranzzo is an international payment platform running on the market since 2017. The company provides 50+ payment methods in one integration and offers White Label payment solutions. 200+ partner banks and PSPs enable business development in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


UNITY-BARS is a leading Ukrainian IT company that specialises in the development/implementation of fintech and banking software. Founded in 1991 in Kyiv, the company has the status of a progressive, efficient and modern developer.