UAPAY is an acquiring platform for accepting payments. It is a national payment service provider of financial and technical solutions for any type of online business. We provide a universal payment API and ready-to-use modules for CMS-systems, which allows you to connect a payment system on the site quickly and easily.



Key features of UAPAY:● Payment by Visa cards, Mastercard and PROSTIR
● ApplePay, GooglePay, UAPAY Wallet
● Invoicing for payment
● Payment via bot
● Recurring payments
● API and CMS integration
● Separate payments
● Holding for up to 30 days
● Personal account and role settings
● Accepting payments through a mobile phone as a POS terminal
● Acceptance of payments through a virtual
● QR cash register
● Direct debit. Payment initiation service


Top benefits of the product

1. Fraud alert: special filters on data processing levels.2. 3d-secure: secure payment technologies approved by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.3. 93% passage of transactions.


Why is this product incredible?

In 2017, UAPAY was the first in Ukraine to implement Escrow technology. It was realized in the OLX Delivery project as a new solution for comfortable transactions, but it has also allowed to fight fraud. In 2022, 50K+ daily transactions were made via OLX Delivery