White Label Neobank

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White Label Neobank by Kindgeek offers a comprehensive suite of financial services that can be fully customized and branded to meet your needs. With our platform, you can easily provide mobile banking, digital wallets, and online payments to your customers, all while ensuring a seamless and secure experience.



We constructed a digital finance product witha wide range of features:● Multi-currency accounts: let your customers keep their funds in the currencies of their choice● Currency exchange: allow customers to operate in any currency they need● Visualization: categorize your users' spendings and present them as charts and diagrams● Visa/MasterCard issuing: offer a full set of cardholder services via issuing Visa/MasterCard cards linked to the customer's account (vendor integration required)● Popular payments: integrate local vendors to enable utility bills and internet payments, cell phone top-ups, and payments for other popular services● P2P money transfers: allow quick cash transfers to the client's friends and family, saving their time and helping split the bill


Top benefits of the product

1. Development cycle shortcut: product up and running faster.
2. High-level security: product hasn't any loopholes.
3. Diverse functionality: a wide range of features.


Why is this product incredible?

White Label Neobank is a robust foundation for various fintech products. The platform has been designed to be a reliable backbone for many digital payment products, from money transfers and payment acceptance to Neobank and eWallet.