You can see our APP interface where you can easily create, run, edit migrations.


One of the ways to use software cash register - Checkbox app - can be installed on any Android/ iOS device. This is a full-fledged mobile cash register, the functionality of which is not inferior to desktop and online cash registers.

Mobile Tailor

Mobile Tailor is an AI-powered body measuring solution that instantly generates a precise 3D model of the body. The solution has been designed to help businesses maximize their revenue by reducing the time spent on manual measurements and alterations so companies can focus on providing exceptional customer service and growing business. 3DLOOK has 70+ long-term customers, including some of the world’s largest fashion brands.


LiqPay is a payment service that provides Internet acquiring features: accepting payments on websites, in mobile applications connected to the Internet. Liqpay is a stable and reliable provider; every second merchant in Ukraine trusts and works with us. Best technology partner providing in Ukraine, extended support, value added services and individual approach to every client.


Checkbox is a Ukrainian IT company. Main products:● Checkbox, software cash register (checkbox.ua)● Navkolo, ecosystem for business automation (navkolo.one)

COAX Software

COAX Software is a leading software development company that designs, develops, and maintains solutions that can make an impact through technologies.


Competera enables retailers to increase customer trust by setting and maintaining optimal price positions on a real-time basis by leveraging the power of AI.


Hotline is a ukrainian marketplace for goods and for online insurance. It contains the most extensive catalog of goods, which includes leading Ukrainian online and offline stores. It has a daughter company Hotline.Finance in online insurance.


Rozetka is a leader in e-commerce in Ukraine, selling more than 12M products in more than 4,000 categories. Rozetka has its payment system and brands, a marketplace with vast advertising opportunities, and franchising of delivery points.