Mobile Tailor 


Mobile Tailor is an AI-powered body measuring solution that instantly generates a precise 3D model of the body. The solution has been designed to help businesses maximize their revenue by reducing the time spent on manual measurements and alterations so companies can focus on providing exceptional customer service and growing business. 3DLOOK has 70+ long-term customers, including some of the world’s largest fashion brands.



Mobile Tailor is an accurate digital body measuring solution designed to help businesses reduce the time and inconsistencies associated with manual measurements.
Mobile Tailor enables businesses to easily collect and manage body measurements through an intuitive platform by sending customers a scanning link via SMS or email. E-commerce businesses can also directly add the Mobile Tailor Measuring Widget to their website.
The technology is uniquely capable of serving a variety of industries, including uniform companies, made-to-measure men's and women’s wear, bridal, rental, formalwear, and more.
Mobile Tailor instantly generates a precise 3D model and over 80 accurate body measurements from just two photos taken on a smartphone.


Top benefits of the product

1. Own in-house 3D scanning lab.2. Decrease remake costs by 90% and alteration costs by up to 50%.3. Increase leads and solve your customers’ sizing problems.


Why is this product incredible?

Mobile Body Scanning technology by 3DLOOK is a result of seven years of development by world-class AI, computer vision, 3D, andapparel fitting experts. The in-house 3D scanning lab enables synthetic data generation for testing algorithms on various body shapes.