Checkbox App


Checkbox is a business management tool for SME.
One of the ways to use software cash register - Checkbox app - can be installed on any Android/ iOS device. This is a full-fledged mobile cash register, the functionality of which is not inferior to desktop and online cash registers.



Checkbox is a software cash register - a cheaper and tenfold more efficient alternative to a classic cash register. Checkbox works on any device: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, POS terminal.


Top benefits of the product

1. No equipment purchase costs2. Convenient personal account and analytics3. More than 100 integrations with automation systems4. Smartphone instead of a bank terminal5. Sending receipts via Email/Viber/SMS6. Reports to the the tax authorities directly from the Checkbox account


Why is this product incredible?

Businesses all over Ukraine generate more than 2 million receipts in Checkbox every day.Checkbox enables companies to save UAH 10 000 000 on cash register expenses.