SHARK UAS is an advanced multifunctional unmanned aerial system designed to perform a wide range of tasks. SHARK UAS offers the capability for fully autonomous reconnaissance, surveillance, precise identification, and recognition from a significant distance at high altitudes.

Acoustic sensors

Zvook is a network of acoustic sensors for detecting airborn objects. The network helps conventional air Defense systems to detect and repel the enemy’s low-altitude cruise missiles and drone attacks, warning the civilian population. Our neural nets are created by a highly experienced team — the folks who make production-grade synthetic voices for Disney and others in Hollywood.

Athlon Avia

Athlon Avia is a Ukrainian R&D and production company working in the field of military unmanned solutions, such as loitering munitions, ISTAR, and unmanned artillery fire adjustments aerial systems.


Kvertus is a developer and manufacturer of electronic warfare and intelligence equipment that responds quickly and adapts its products to new market challenges.


MPS Development provides professional solutions for the drone industry (simulators and training, ground control stations and Command & Control centers, drone traffic management). The team has a lot of experience working with NASA, FAA, Ukrainian government, and Kazakhstan state companies.

Piranha Tech

Piranha Tech has been developing and manufacturing electronic warfare, radio jamming, counter-drone, and UAV systems since 2014. Products are used to help Ukraine defeat the enemy.


Roboneers is a combined effort of engineers, electronic engineers, ex-military, and IT specialists developing UAVs, remote control modules, software and situational awareness programs, and remotely controlled platforms since 2014.


Skiftech is a full-cycle manufacturer of tactical simulators based on laser technologies for military training. Since 2017, the company has provided simulation systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Skiftech creates realistic simulators for training in conditions as close to actual combat.