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SHARK UAS is an advanced multifunctional unmanned aerial system designed to perform a wide range of tasks. SHARK UAS offers the capability for fully autonomous reconnaissance, surveillance, precise identification, and recognition from a significant distance at high altitudes.



● Max ceiling: 3,000 m● Flight route: up to 300 km● MTOW: 12.5 kg● Average endurance: up to 4 hour● Communication range: up to 80 km● Camera system: USG-231 - 30x optical and 3x digital zoom

We have created an advanced software solution specifically designed for complete control and management of the Shark UAV. This software provides a flawless and intuitive interface for pilots of all skill levels, and it incorporates automated functions to optimise operations, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors that can occur due to human factors.


Top benefits of the product

1. Short lead time. Quick assembly - 2 person/30 min.2. Resistance to EW.3. Low operational cost.


Why is this product incredible?

Shark UAV is a comprehensive turnkey solution that addresses user needs from A to Z. SHARK-M UAS (military version) is currently on active service in the Ukrainian Army and has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators, and intelligence agents.