Acoustic sensors

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Zvook is a network of acoustic sensors for detecting airborn objects. The network helps conventional air Defense systems to detect and repel the enemy’s low-altitude cruise missiles and drone attacks, warning the civilian population. Our neural nets are created by a highly experienced team — the folks who make production-grade synthetic voices for Disney and others in Hollywood.



Zvook is a weather protected parabolic antenna and a microcomputer that can run modern ML algorithms. Flexible and can be extended with additional sensors. We install these stations on cell towers for network access and power. All stations are connected into a secure network so that operators can monitor them overlaid on a map.

Our sensor not only discovers but also classifies various targets. Detection range:● Jet/Cruise missile: up to 10 km● Helicopter: up to 10 km● Propeller plane: up to 10 km● Drone: ~250 m


Top benefits of the product

1. Low false positive rate.
2. Passive work (not emitting) and low power consumption — up to 12w.
3. Can be trained to detect other types of targets.


Why is this product incredible?

Zvook technology is trained on a unique dataset of acoustic fingerprints for the most advanced Russian weaponry. During the last several Russian attacks, Zvook confirmed detections at distances of up to 10 km.