Weblium is an effortless website builder. The primary goal of it is to provide a convenient website creation experience for users of different kinds and skills. Weblium has varying integrations and tools to allow users to turn their design vision into a fully functional website.


All-in-one solution for all tech company's processes, employees, and finances. All the tools you need for managing an outsourcing or product company are now in one system. Automated, fast, and really convenient.


NLSQL is an AI-powered tool that allows users to access and analyse data using natural language queries only. With NLSQL, anyone can interact with databases and extract valuable insights without the need for complex SQL queries, dashboards or programming skills. is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that leverages AI and B2B contact and company data to help businesses find leads, engage with them through multiple channels, and scale up opportunities. optimises users’ sales outreach process and enhances their productivity. One of the Top 50 Sales Products for 2023 on G2.


A program for restaurants that helps:
● the restaurant guest to find the desired establishment and book a table in it;
● the restaurant to manage and control the flow of guests, collect the guest base, analyze it and communicate with it remotely.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a comprehensive sales automation tool for end-to-end outbound sales. Our solution combines CRM and sales engagement within a unified platform. Generate leads, enrich them with relevant contact information, launch multi-channel sequences, analyze pipeline, and drive the profits up.


Uspacy is an online service and a single workspace with modern tools for managing the critical daily processes of small and medium-sized companies: modern team communication, collaborarions, tasks, and CRM. Open API (Application Programming Interface) and modern technological approaches allows you to easily integrate the online service with other systems.


UGLA ERP is an all-in-one solution specializing in specific industries, allowing us to provide tailored solutions optimized for particular sectors (such as the restaurant and construction industry, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, etc.).


Creating apps that are valuedExpertise in Mobile App Development. Flexible, user-centric approach for startups and enterprises.


Our mission is to broaden access to shared spaces through tech. We create easy-to-use software for shared spaces to automate and optimize operations, manage spaces, and help its members and teams get services with just a few taps.


Awesomic democratises top-notch design for any company. It operates to match your design task with the best-fit designers to deliver results in under 24 hours.


Bimp is a Ukrainian complex ERP for managing business and financial results. It provides tools for management and financial accounting, and helps control key areas: production, warehouse, finance, interaction with counterparties, and sales funnel.


Binotel is a leading operator of business communications in Ukraine.20 000 companies use Binotel products in their daily work, 1.6 millionare made through Binotel PBXs every month people communicate daily through Binotel services, 100 million calls.


Datrics is an AI & analytics partner for tech companies. A no-code platform for analytics and machine learning empowers knowledge workers to do more experiments with data simply.


Datuum is an AI-powered no-code tool that brings and transforms data from various data sources into one place. Simplifies data integration and management for non-tech professionals, reducing manual work and saves up to 80% of the time and effort.


INPUT SOFT is a provider of web-based aviation management solutions for airports and airlines: helps optimise resources, reduce costs, collect and analyse data from all ground handling processes.

Intecracy Deals

Intecracy Deals simplifies electronic document management. Part of the Intecracy Group consortium, it offers a user-friendly solution for legally significant document signing, administration, storage, and delivery in electronic format.


Our mission is to broaden access to shared spaces through tech. We create easy-to-use software for shared spaces to automate and optimize operations, manage spaces, and help its members and teams get services with just a few taps.

WE/AR Studio

WE/AR Studio is an AR/VR development company focused on immersive solutions for corporate innovation, product marketing, and professional training and education. is a low-code platform to build a business on top of an IoT devices network. AI compatible, enterprise-oriented,copen-sourced, with a proven record in the USA market. WithcXME, medium and large enterprises can save 2,352 developer hours and $470K IT budget annually


Yaware is a Ukrainian software development company. The company specializes in developing solutions for time and productivity management.


YouControl is an analytical system that, from more than 180 sources, forms a complete profile for each company and individual entrepreneur in Ukraine based on open data, tracks changes in state registers, and visualizes links between affiliated persons.