Lawyerd! is an end-to-end solution for brand protection in Web2/Web3 that provides automated copyright protection in 29 countries. We fully automated manual lawyer work in this process. The system automatically analyses the infringement, sends the completed complaint, and deletes the violation.



Lawyerd! is a multi-tool for rights protection with three main parts:
1. Certify and store productsYou can store your unique content, like Brand, NFT, source code, logo, etc., in our blockchain-connected platform on Ternoa protocol and certify rights on your products.
2. Detect violationsWe connected our API with all big platforms like eBay, Opensea, and Rarible and provided you with the automated search of rights violations on the Internet worldwide.
3. Eliminate scammersAfter detection, you can use our system to automatically send complaints to the hosting provider or platform that hosts infringing content.


Top benefits of the product

1. Provide a full circle of rights protection.2. Provide protection 10 times faster and 15 times less expensive than manual lawyer work.3. Automatic, super accessible, and easy-to-use.


Why is this product incredible?

Lawyerd! is the very first company that created a working full circle end-to-end rights protection solution and started Web3 marketprotection.