Lawyerd! is an end-to-end solution for brand protection in Web2/Web3 that provides automated copyright protection in 29 countries. We fully automated manual lawyer work in this process. The system automatically analyses the infringement, sends the completed complaint, and deletes the violation.


AXDRAFT is a simple and scalable end-to-end CLM platform. It helps manage contracts 80% faster by automating contract drafting, redlining, approval, signing, storage, analytics, and obligations management.


Ukrainian legal partner for transactional and dispute resolution matters. We have proven expertise in all aspects of transactions. What sets us apart is our strong capability in English law and deep understanding of the tech industry.

Legal Nodes

Legal Nodes is a global legal platform for innovative tech businesses. We help founders and entrepreneurs building global businesses from day one to operate across borders.

V-Art Protocol

V-Art Protocol is a technology for licensing creative assets with IP rights. It helps to fully automate licensing, and to track and monetise IP for any innovative, tech, or luxury brand.