IT recruitment and HR consultancy agency
Talando stems from the Ukrainian word Талан [talan] - with talent on one side and luck (and also fortune) on the other. We believe it takes knowledge and luck to gather professional teams. We craft solutions that fit your needs with human insight and AI precision.

Our company has a global reach with reps in 5 countries. We champion customer satisfaction powered by a vast network and credible referrals, in-house dedicated teams for market research, and cooperation with

What Makes Us Stand Out?


AI-Driven Excellence:
Internal automatization.


Trust First:Proven track record and vast networking.


Global Good:Talando invests 10% of its profit into social projects related to defense, education, and humanitarian aid. We support and empower our employees’ social initiatives, fostering proactive community engagement.

Our Expertise:

● Top-notch Executive Search● Specialised IT Recruitment● Tailored HR Guidance● Employer Branding● Market Research and Salary Surveys● Opening R&D Offices (UK, Ukraine, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland)


Our Milestones:


collaboration with long-term clients


talents pool, 16K+ C-level candidates


closed roles including 80+ leadership positions


countries reached by working with clients