DrugCard Literature Screening

DrugCard provides full-regulatory compliant SaaS to help pharmacovigilance teams in pharma companies and CROs by trimming literature screening time and generating deeper insights about drug safety using sophisticated parsers and AI-tech. Having secured €500K from venture capitalists and with Google's support, our trajectory is set towards 100 customers and a projected ARR of €1.0M by 2024.

Altris AI

Altris AI develops software designed to improve the diagnostic process in ophthalmology. It creates a deep learning-trained algorithm for the automated detection of retina pathologies.


Aspichi as a VR-based psychology trauma treatment system that is based on photorealistic 360 video, evidence-based protocols, and psycho-education programs. It allows the scale of psychological services to be fast and controlled, with an already proven track record.

ComeBack Mobility

ComeBack Mobility developed the Smart Crutch Tips IoT device that lets patients know how to apply the right amount of force to a recovering limb and provides remote therap monitoring service for providers.


Elomia is an AI-powered mental health chatbot. It is anonymous, available 24/7, and covers people with all kinds of problems, from having a bad day to dealing with symptoms of severe conditions. Unlike other chatbots, conversation with Elomia feels like talking to an actual human.

Esper Bionics

Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and IoT technologies for human augmentation. The first products are Esper Hand, a bionic self-learning hand prosthesis, and Esper Control, a non-invasive wearable BCI.


Liki24 is a marketplace for pharmaceuticals, lab tests, and personal care products with over 1.7M customers in Romania, Ukraine, and Italy, and 12K pharmacies pharmacies, 100+ laboratories, and 30+ pharma producers.


At R&D Center WINSTARS.AI, we unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of people. Our goal is to enhance human capabilities, simplify routine operations, automate everyday tasks, and enable new opportunities for growth, creativity, and innovation.