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Diia is an e-government app that allows citizens to use digital documents in their smartphones instead of physical ones for identification and sharing purposes. It also offers comprehensive access to public services such as tax payments, polls, social payments from state, proper user assignment. The app already has 19+ millions users.


Company:Ministry of Digital Transformation, Diia Company

The Diia app is the state in a smartphone.It offers 25 digital services that automate bureaucracy in Ukraine and 14 digital documents that are impossible to be forged or be forgotten. For example: ID-card, Foreign passport, Student Identity Card, Pension Certificate etc.

Among services available in Diia are:● Convenient online polls that ensure digital democracy● Transparent support for the government and Armed Forces● Purchase of war bonds or donations via the UNITED24 platform● Car sharing with friends or relatives● Fine payments without the need to go to the bank


Top benefits of the product

1. Documents have the same legal force as paper documents.
2. Diia does not store data, so user data is securely protected.
3. 14 digital documents and 25 public services.


Why is this product incredible?

Diia is the first app in the world to offer an official digital passport. Diia started a trend of digitalization of public services in the world. Ukraine is now sharing its experience with other countries, for example, Estonia (mRiik).