Headway app

Headway app is a book summary app that provides fun and easy growth and helps busy adults achieve self-development goals. It gives key ideas and insights from the world's bestsellers. Headway app is featured in 140+ countries in categories like Popular Apps to Try, This Week’s Favorite, Learn More Every Day, Read More, Achieve More, and New Apps We Love.


Promova helps people live better lives by helping them achieve their language learning goals with: bite-sized lessons tutoring programs with certified teachers free conversation clubs community of fellow learners educational blog interactive social media Promova advocates for personalized, accessible, and healthy learning. The team is constantly increasing the product’s accessibility...

Sigma Software University

Our educational platform is designed to help beginners and experienced professionals grow and master new areas of expertise. We hold over 60 courses. Our course graduates and meetup participants, which includes 4500+ people each year, have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills.


BUKI is a global EdTech marketplace for local and online tutors connecting students with teachers in Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Mexico, the USA, and Nigeria.

Beetroot Academy

The Swedish-Ukrainian company that helps people build careers in the digital economy. As part of the impact-driven Ecosystem, we’ve trained 12,000+ tech specialists from 40+ countries, including vulnerable groups. Our high-quality, up-to-date courses are taught in live classes by industry experts


DAN-IT is a leading Ukrainian EdTech center offering innovative educational programs in IT, including programming,web development, design, and more.


GIOS is an interactive TikTok-style Math platform and tutoring marketplace for К12 students and teachers. GIOS promises an engaging and fun learning experience for students, progress tracking for parents, a marketplace for STEM tutors, and digital tools for teachers to customize their courses.


GoIT is an EdTech product company. The core product is a web-based LMS application that enables automatic validation of student code and gamifies the online learning process.

Hillel IT School

Hillel IT School is one of Ukraine's largest educational platforms based on its unique LMS system. The platform has 10+ years of experience, 55,000 graduates, 300+ partner IT companies, an online real-time teaching format, and professional teaching practitioners.


Keiki is a company at the intersection of EdTech and GameDev that crafts educational apps for kids, helping parents raise happy and fulfilled children.

Mate academy

Mate academy is an ed-tech startup on a mission to help 1M people worldwide build their careers in tech. The main product is a technological LMS platform where people learn coding. Since 2022, Mate academy has scaled operations globally.


Mathema.me is an effective and affordable online maths school for children. Our goal is to help children learn smarter, not harder, with 1:1 online maths lessons. The school has over 300 qualified math teachers and provides services in 2 countries.


Prometheus is Ukraine's largest online learning platform, serving 2.5M users and offering 350 online courses. With eight years of experience building online media, digital marketing, and with deep expertise in new product development, the company help partners create scalable learning solutions.

Projector Creative & Tech Online Institute

Projector, an EdTech company, offers professional education in IT and creative industries. It focuses on hands-on learning through real-life case studies and designs personalized learning paths. The company's ecosystem combines a career and mentorship service, a video library, and a community.


Softbook Space is the Game Changer in the education platform market. We create multiple services that will be connected with each other and solve all educational market problems at once. It's like Google Services, but in educational market.