SOC Prime Platform

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SOC Prime equips every security professional with a collective cyber defense platform to act faster than attackers. SOC Prime’s innovation, backed by the vendor-agnostic and zero-trust cybersecurity approach, and cutting-edge technology leveraging Sigma language and MITRE ATT&CK® as core pillars are recognized by independent research companies and credited by the leading SIEM, XDR & MDR vendors.


Company:SOC Prime

SaaS platform consists of 3 products:● SOC Prime’s Attack Detective connects real-time attack surfacevisibility and existing security data with prioritized detection content, MITRE ATT&CK, and CTI to enable dynamic data orchestration and risk-optimise the organization’s cybersecurity posture.
● Uncoder AI is the dedicated IDE for Detection Engineering, which unlocks the power of augmented intelligence and collective industryexpertise to enable SOC teams seamlessly code, validate, and share detection ideas using Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK as code assistants.
● SOC Prime’s Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM) empowers cyber defenders with access to a global security newsfeed, tailored threat intelligence, and a curated Sigma rule repository continuously enriched with new detection ideas.


Top benefits of the product

1. Data audit performed in less than 300 seconds.
2. Industry-largest detection content library.
3. Industry-first IDE for detection engineering.


Why is this product incredible?

SOC Prime operates the world’s largest and most advanced platform for collective cyber defense that cultivates collaboration from a global cybersecurity community and curates the most up-to-date Sigma rules compatible with over 27 SIEM, EDR, and XDR platforms.